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Across borders. Responding to Your needs.

We are well aware, that the mutual satisfaction and long-term success can be reached only through a complete understanding of the needs of an employer and the expectations of an employee.

Across borders

We live in a global village. Our team consists of people in various age, life and professional experiences. We are present not only in the European Member States but also in the former Eastern bloc countries. Furthermore we speak the local languages and understand different mentalities, which enables to satisfy the needs of both employers and employees from different countries and cultures.

Responding to Your needs

Our ultimate goal is establishing a platform for a long-term business relationship with our partners. This requires an in-depth knowledge of each other’s needs and business environments. This allows us to react better to everchanging market conditions and to anticipate changes.


We are well aware of the importance of securing a workforce in the appropriate quantity and quality for the long-term success of the Company.

We believe we have got the experience and expertise to provide the best possible solution for your company.


You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in our present and future job offers.

We appreciate the importance of the decision of starting a new job, especially abroad.

Due to that, we always provide complete and accurate details with respect to our job offers.